The Pay-It-Down Fallacy of Debt Reduction

by Bob

burning moneyDebt has knock-on effects beyond simple and obvious financial setback. It causes stress, loss of self esteem and feelings of inadequacy. In reaction people often think all they need to do is “tighten their belts”, make some sacrifices, and all will be well.

The problem with this thinking is nowhere in this “self control” and “pay it down” concept does the person address the root causes of their debt.

When you visit your GP, you hope that as well as being given a little something for the symptoms, you also hope that the good doctor will determine what caused your illness and treat the underlying problem. It’s no good taking asprin when your leg is about to fall off!

Same with financial issues. There is no good paying down a debt only to get into debt as soon as you feel the worse is over. It can be uncomfortable but it is well worth sitting down and working out what went wrong and what you should do differently in future.

You need to pay it down, be aware of the motivations that got you to this place, and correct your behavior.

As a wise person once said, “Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it”.