10 $350,000 Homes Across the U.S.

by Michelle

Sometimes you can achieve a major lifestyle upgrade – or downgrade – just by moving. The same salary can mean a life of poverty in one area, and living in the lap of luxury in another.. You just have to know where to live.

Take real estate, for example. In Princeton, New Jersey $350,000 won’t even get you a townhouse. In other parts of the country you can do quite nicely. Let’s take a  look at what $350,000 will get you across the U.S.

Princeton NJ townhouse

Princeton, New Jersey – Princeton isn’t known for its cheap real estate. If you want a few bedrooms and a couple of baths, you’re looking to spend at least $1 million. For $350,000 however, you can own a cozy  townhouse complete with 3.5 beds and 2.5 baths. There’s a pool and tennis courts in the community so you can expect to pay an annual maintenance fee as well. Property taxes are high in Princeton but then it hosts the best schools in the country.




Upper West Side Condo


In New York City, $350,000 will get you a one bed, one bath apartment on the Upper West Side. The apartment boasts 836 square feet and four rooms.




Lapeer Mi country club house

Head West and North to Lapeer, Mi and you’ll find you can live pretty good for $350,000. This 2,700 square foot, 3 bed, 2.5 bath McMansion offers golf course views from your large brick patio.




 Lawrence Kansas Contemporary Home

Lawrence, Kansas – This aint no little house on the prairie. In Lawrence, Kansas you can purchase an open and airy contemporary with golf course views for your $350,000. The property only boasts a half acre but how much land do you need when inside you have a spacious 3032 square feet.




Montgomery AL McMansion

Montgomery, Alabama – You get more bang for your buck down South. This spacious four bed, three bath home can found for the same price as a small New York City apartment. There’s no basement, but you’ll get a fireplace and some hardwood floors.




Chicago apartment

Chicago, Illinois – Things are bit more pricey in the windy city. Here $350,000 will buy you a 1 bed 1 bath condo. We’re talking four rooms including a kitchen/dining room condo, and hardwood floors. 




Billings Montana Ranch

Billings, Montana – For $350,000 one can buy a charming ranch in Billings. 3 beds, 3 baths and not quite an acre, but the fireplace and hardwood floors make up for the lack of acreage.




Napa CA ranch

Napa, California – If you want to do live the good life in Napa, you’ll to pay. Still for $350,000 you can live in a quaint 2 bedroom, .15 acre ranch. So you get no land, a small price to pay for wine country.




Las Vegas NV ranch

Las Vegas, NV – You can get a nice house in Las Vegas for $350,000. This 4 year old house ranch sits on a little less than a quarter acre.  4 beds, 3 baths, hot tub and gorgeous patio, you get a lot of house for the same price as a condo in Chicago.




El Paso historic

El Paso, TX – This beautiful historic home features five beds, a bath and a half,  and hardwood floors throughout  You could probably get this same house for close to a million in Princeton, New Jersey or Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Aaron Wakling

Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

Aaron Wakling


This sort of stuff is so interesting. In Portland OR, you can’t get hardly anything good for that price, but in New Mexico you could buy land for and build three homes. Insane.

Giovanni Carmazzi

There is NO way you can find a one bedroom on the upper west side for $350,000….sorry.

Ugly American

Don’t forget taxes in each area.

Nevada & Texas have no state income taxes and low property taxes.

California, New York & New Jersey taxes will bleed you dry.

Dan Dashnaw

In western Massachusetts you can get a 3000 square ft house with 4 bedrooms 3 full baths a 3 car garage and 9 secluded acres.


186th St. is not the Upper West Side… it’s Inwood. Very different neighborhoods.


On a beautiful state lake in NE Kansas, in 2006, I bought a 50 acre farm with huge barn, three story home, huge garage with massive storage area, another two-car garage attached, feed room for animals, grain room, with corral, trees, you name it for the ridiculous bargain price of $235,000–just 25 minutes from Lawrence, Kansas. I feel sorry for people who choose to live like ants. We have horses, goats, chickens, and a cat, which I wouldn’t trade for the best broadway shows or casinos.


Chicago RE prices in the city:
1 br : 180,000 – 280,000+
2 br: 275,000 – 400,000+
3 br: 400,000+

Rob Landers

Of course you can find a 1-bedroom on the upper west side for $350K. The guy linked to it in his article!


In Northeast PA 350,000 with get you a 10 bedroom mansion


Right now in Las Vegas you could buy a couple of 4-bedroom houses for that price.

Dale Debrasky

Price is not what matters its all about monthly payment.
Sure you dont pay income prop. in Nev and Tex but what do you get for that?
CA and NY you pay prop tax (in CA about 1.25% of prop value per year) but you get alot for it: top notch higher ed, etc.

Ryan Miller

There must be more general price appreciation in this country for 350k to not buy anything larger than these. Though I guess you didn’t check out any more rural markets, and these are all listed by Realtors(tm) which tends to eliminate the bottom of the market.

Two factchecks which probably cancel out relative to your point: (1) 3 beds isn’t exactly a McMansion and (2) to amplify another commentator’s point, note that the “upper west side” condo isn’t remotely in the upper west side, but rather 186th St, north of even the Cross Bronx Expressway at the very north reaches of the A line, eg, Washington Heights, barely in Manhattan at all.


Yeah… the “Upper West Side” listing is on West 186th St.
Upper West Side extends as far as 110th. That’s in Washington Heights, North of the Cross-Bronx Expy.

Here’s a studio in the Upper West side for just $399,000. I know it’s a bit out of your price range, but it’s got a whopping 375 sq. ft.!


So… Having owned in Chicago, I can say that you can get far more than a 1BR, 1BA in that town for that price. In the logan square neighborhood, you should be able to swing something like a 2BR 1BA with about 1100 sq. ft., near west side (around greek town) you’re looking at a decent loft place. Go farther west and in 2003 I bought a 3br 2ba place for $170K, which I sold for $207.5K in 2006. It was nice for me, but less ideal for a family due to the neighborhood. I had friends who were afraid to be outside alone around my place, but I never had any problem walking the streets at any time of day.


In Duluth, MN you could buy a 3k-4k sq ft mansion in a good part of town.


In Crestview Florida (30 miles inland from the Gulf) you can get a 5 bed, 3 bath home http://emeraldcoasthomesonline.com/(aarywx553xbwhc455cewlh3c)/propertyDetails.aspx?mls=488899&sitecode=E2902
According to the search website.

Now we have a 4 bedroom 2 bath house with 1/2 acre for sale for $230,000 that we are trying to sell ourselves, thanks to a military move. But with the economy the way it is we are having a hard time getting any nibbles on it (there are 100+ 4 bedroom houses for sale within 10 miles of ours.)


Me and my husband just bought a house for $36,000 in northeast PA and it has 2 full bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and a skylight. Can only imagine what we’d get for $350,000!