Visa Black For The High End

by Shannan

As the recession hits harder and harder, the banks are tightening up and issuing less and less credit cards to less and less people. Credit card companies are basically trying to increase the quality of their card holders, taking on less risk.

So while many middle-class people are finding it hard to find a good credit card, the new Visa Black card is the latest offering to the upper class. While only 1% of the population is eligible, Visa Black is now considered the most elite credit card on the planet, even more prestigious then the American Express Centurion.

Here’s what you get with a Visa Black card:

  • Limited Membership (1% of U.S. Residents)
  • 1% cash back on purchases or $1 = 1 points that can redeemed for travel anytime
  • 24-Hour Concierge Service
  • Exclusive Rewards Program
  • Luxury Gifts
  • Patent Pending Carbon Graphite
  • Annual Fee $495

The Visa Black looks like a great credit card to have.