Top 5 Richest Pets in the World

by Michelle

dog with sunglasses

Think certain well to do people are spoiled? There are some pets who are pampered even more. In fact, some of the world’s wealthiest people would much rather leave their fortune to their furry friends than friends and relatives.

Behold the World’s Richest Pets

1. Gunther IV - Gunther IV is considered the world’s richest dog. His dad, Gunther III, was bequeathed a $124 million trust  in 1992 when their owner, Countess Karlotta Lieberstein passed away. Since inheriting his former mistesses millions, Gunther III has passed on his fortune and legacy to his son Guther  IV. The German Shepherd has successfully bid on Madonna’s old Miami mansion and a rare white truffle. For the latter, Gunther himself attended the auction accompanied by two handlers. There are reports however, that Gunther may be a hoax.

2. Kalu the Chimp - You think it’s nuts to leave millions of dollars to a German Shepherd? How about a chimpanzee? Kalu inherited Patricia O’Neill’s $109 million fortune to ensure her husband wouldn’t get a penny. The fortune includes a farm and mansion in Australia.

3. Tobey Rimes – Tobey wasn’t your ordinary dog, he enjoyed living a life opulence in the New York City home he shared with Ella Wendel. He didn’t have to worry about giving up that life either as she left him $92 million upon her death.

4. Gigoo the $10 Million Chicken – If there’s any proof rich people are a little screwy, this is it. Gigoo, a hen for Pete’s sake, inherited $10 million.

5. Frankie – Frankie the dog resides in a mansion in San Diego. He inherited $5.3 million upon his owner’s death.


Image via stck.xchnge