Is Now the Time to Invest?

by Bob

time to invest?

You might think I am crazy, but it seems to me right now, or very soon, is a perfect time to invest.

Think about it, what is the standard advice for investing?

Buy low, sell high.

Why is it then when investments start to nosedive, everyone ducks for cover, but when investments are booming (ie. “bubble”), we all take part in a herd-like feeding frenzy?

Common sense would dictate that you don’t take part in the top of a bubble, but as I am one to say, common sense is seldom common practice.

Right now you have people leaving real estate, leaving the stock market, just when there are bargains to be had.

People are fearing a new depression. But what happens in depressions? Yes, lots of people lose everything, but some investors prosper.  They buy assets at firesale prices. They buy stocks when they are at their lowest then reap the gains when the recovery takes place.

Perhaps I am losing my mind, but right now might be just the right time to get in rather than get out.