The World's Most Expensive Food and Drink

by Michelle

Hungry? Rich? If so, you might be willing to indulge in some of the world’s most expensive foods. From $425 beer to the $1000 sundae, there’s no shortage of overpriced food for those with money to spare.

World’s Most Expensive Beer

Most espensive beer in the world 

Danish Brewery,Jacobson Brewhouse’s, has produced the most expensive beer in the world. Setting a new record for brewed extravagance, Vintage Nr. 1, is corked and wax sealed for maximum flavor. How much will a bottle of this high end brew run? About $425!



World’s Most Expensive Hamburger

Most expensive hamburger in the world

This is a topic of much debate. There are rumors of $1,000 hamburgers but so far I haven’t been able to find proof of this. The most expensive burger I found so far is at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia and runs about $110. Made from hand-massaged Kobe beef, the burger is topped with portobello mushrooms and wasabi mayonnaise.



World’s Most Expensive Chocolate

Most expensive chocolate in the world

How much would you pay for the ultimate indulgence? How about a single chocolate truffle costing $250? At $2500 per pound? The Knipschildt Chocolatier in South Norwalk, Connecticut created a decadent bon bon called "The Madeline." The Madeline is made using French Valrhona chocolate, fresh cream, vanilla pods and pure Italian truffle oil. Oh and there’s a French Perigold truffle inside for good measure.



World’s Most Expensive Strawberries

Most expensive strawberries in the world 

Would you pay $1.4 million for a bowl of strawberries? How about a bowl of strawberries with a big honking diamond ring dropped in for good measure? The Strawberries Arnaud from Arnaud’s restaurant in New Orleans isn’t your ordinary garden variety bowl o’berries. Inside the bowl is a one-of-a-kind 4.7-carat pink diamond ring. Which I guess means you can only buy this dish once. Oh and it also comes with white gloved waitors, a jazz-ensemble and a bottle of expensive champagne. No really.



World’s Most Expensive Ice Cream Sundae

world's most expensive sundae

If you’re going to be drinking a $400 beer or indulging in a $250 bite of candy, why not go for a $1,000 sundae? The "Grand Opulence" from New York City’s famed Serendipity will cost a cool grand. Why is it so expensive? It’s garnished with a piece of edible 23K gold.



World’s Most Expensive Cocktail

Most Expensive Cocktail in the World

Now, I love a nice cocktail in the evening, but at $1475, the Trader Vic’s Original Mai Tai is better knock my socks off. It costs so much because it’s made from a very rare Jamaican rum called Wray & Nephew and there are only a few bottles left.



The World’s Most Expensive Tea

World's most expensive tea

The world’s most expensive tea is a Chinese tea called Tieguanyin and retails for about $3,000 for a couple of pounds.



The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

Most expensive coffee in the world

Kopi Luwak from Indonesia costs about $160 per pound. This Coffee is made from coffee beans eaten by rodent like animals called palm civets, who have such a keen sense of smell they’re able to choose the best coffee berries to eat. When they digest their food they remove the flesh from Sumatran berry and the beans, which is supposed to better tasting than the non-pooped out variety. Workers actually hand pick these beans from the forest floor.




Shannan P

Guess I’m not cut out to be rich…I prefer to be the first living thing to ingest my coffee and I’d rather wear gold than eat it!!

I’ll take Folgers, Lipton, and McD’s, thanks!

Average User

And the most expensive embassy is …..

Chris Cree

You know, even when I can afford to buy food like this I’ll probably still pretty much prefer pizza!