Millionaire Style on a Thousandaire Budget: Jimmy Choo's

by Michelle

In the Internet age it’s easy to live large without spending big. Thanks to eBay, Amazon and a variety of first and secondhand online retailers we can buy real designer items instead of the Chinatown kiosk knockoffs of days gone by. In fact, by playing one’s cards right one can dress chiefly in designer wear for the same price – or a tiny bit more – one would pay for averaged priced items.

Let’s take, for example, your basic Jimmy Choo. For those of you not in the know (namely men) Jimmy Choos are the ultimate shoes. They’re gorgeous, flattering and very expensive. Yet women of every budget want at least one pair.

I’m happy to report Jimmys can be had at a discount. Let’s browse, shall we…

Submitted for your consideration is your basic Jimmy Choo open toed slingback. You can buy this one at upscale retailer Bergdorf Goodman for $585.00. Cute, right?

CCP Jimmy Choo Bergdorfs

I don’t know about you, but I don’t spend that much on myself the entire year, especially on shoes I can’t wear to a soccer meet or cub scouts. Let’s move on… also has an adorable pair of Jimmy Choo slingbacks up for offer at $479.99. Still a little too rich for my blood, but at more than a hundred dollars cheaper it’s definitely more affordable.

Jimmy Choo cdn Overstock

I’m still not feeling it though. I’m thinking my husband might take issue with my spending almost $500 on a pair of shoes, even if it is to wear to his cousin’s wedding.

Moving along…

If one really wants the Jimmy Choo experience on a Ked’s budget one only needs to go to America’s bargain basement, that’s right Ebay. This week features several options:

These new Jimmy Choo slingbacks are up for auction with a starting bid of $249.00, with a buy now price of $259.00. We are now at more than half the price off the original Jimmy from Bergdorfs. See where I’m going with this?

Jimmy Choo slingback ebay

But wait, there’s more…eBay has lots more to offer. Now, this Jimmy doesn’t have an open toe but it’s a cute strappy model with a decorative front. They’re starting at a bid of $159 and the owner claims the only wear is from in-store tryons.

Jimmy choo strappy slingback ebay

At $25 we’re clearly in second hand territory. Still if it doesn’t bother you to put your feet where others have gone before, these pointy Jimmys are quite the bargain. Impress your friends.

Jimmy Choo ebay 2

What’s the moral? If luxury designer goods are your thing, you can find the name brand items for less. Ebay and garage sales are great for designer finds. Better yet, check out some consignment stores located in upscale areas. Wealthy people get rid of their cast offs often and many of them do it so they’ll get money back in return. Consignment shops in wealthy areas yield some fabulous treasures.