How I Earned $5000 From My Credit Card In Just Under Five Years

by Shannan

I’ve saved $5000 in the last five years by using a credit card for all my purchases. When I look back at the amount, it amazes me.

Over the last five years I’ve put all my major purchases, from groceries and car down payments to gas for my car and oil to heat my home. When I first started, my card was called Chase Freedom and now it is called Chase Perfect but throughout that time I received 3% cash back on all gas purchases and 1% cash back on everything else.

Doesn’t seem like much, but it really does ad up.

Here’s are some tips for saving lots of money by using your credit card:

1. Don’t buy things just to get cash back. That can cause you to overextend your budget.
2. Only buy what you can afford and make sure you can pay off the balance each month
3. Never pay in cash or check. Always pay with your cash-back credit card (unless there is a penalty)
4. If you are currently paying your utilities with cash or check, switch over to your rewards credit card
5. Make sure to put all of your major expenses onto your credit card (college tuition, car downpayment, groceries, fuel)

In addition to these steps, by using a single credit card for all of your expenses, you will find that keeping track of your expense budget is much simpler. Plus, you’ll have a concise record each month that will allow you to evaluate where most of your money gets spent. If you ever need to cut back on expenses, your credit card will provide a clear overview of where you are overspending and where you can afford to cut back (eating out!).

If you want to get on your way to saving money with a credit card, you should consider the Chase PerfectCard which gives 3% cashback on gas and 1% cashback on everything else.

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These are great tips! I have used many of them to great effect myself.

I actually divide up purchases thus: My miles card for groceries and most bills, My Upromise card for online purchases, and my cashback card for big ticket items.

I love how I never pay interest, and I’m totally rewarded for doing what I normally do. It’s like I’m being paid by the credit card companies, instead of the other way around.