Have You Signed Your Credit Card?

by Bob

Many people when they received their credit cards in the post either forget or refuse to sign them. Only the other day, my nephew said he wasn’t going to sign his brand new plastic friend because of “security reasons”.

His rationale was if he signed it, whoever stole it would know how to sign it.

I know, work that out if you can.

Thing is, if you don’t sign your card, even if you use chip and pin, stores are quite within their rights to refuse it.

You can try to explain, but in fact, you probably are breaking the terms of use. Check the back of your card now, does it say “Not Valid Unless Signed”, or something along those lines?

I know some people are in the habit of writing “Ask for identification”, which might fly with some merchants, but they are still well within their rights to say “no”.

Here’s what VISA says should happen when you present an unsigned card:

According to VISA …

“Ask for ID” is not a valid substitute for a signature. The customer must sign the card in your presence

Now you know.

You can try it, and you will likely find few problems, but don’t be upset if eventually you get your card rejected!

Do you know anyone using “Ask for ID” or a blank signature box on their card?