Could Your Family Survive a Month of No Spending?

by Bob

How would your family react if you suggested no toys, no lattes, no gadgets, and no luxuries, for a whole month?

Personally, I prefer working to a budget rather than going cold-turkey, but if you have a serious case of materialism-addiction, perhaps a complete spending detox could be just the thing …

Check out this report where a family did just that, in A Month of No Spending

I realize many people live like this all the time, by necessity, not by choice, and I anticipate letters saying, “Boo hoo! You had to give up your decaf Frappuccino.” But this wasn’t an exercise in “playing poor.” Our month of no spending was a financial wake-up call, a chance to recalibrate our relationship with money at a time when everyone I know has money on the brain.

As I say in the introduction, this idea could be very very tough, especially on the younger members of your family if they are old enough to “I want I need” but too young to understand the value and cost of things. Having said that, most kids appreciate some quality parental attention more than the latest Hannah Montana gizmo, it could be a great tonic for family life.