As Gas Prices Increase, You Can Save More

by Shannan

gas pumpAs gas prices in the United States climb closer and closer to $4, no one is celebrating.

However, people who want to save on gas have several tricks up their sleeves. None of these make the pain of gas prices go away, but they can help to reduce the impact.

1. Gas rewards credit card
Use a credit card that gets you 3-5% cash back either at all gas stations or at your favorite. If you limit your options to a single gas station, you will often be rewarded with 5% or more cash back.

2. Telecommute When Possible
Negotiate with your employer to work from home at least once per week. If possible, aim for full time telecommuting. You may think it’s a stretch, but employers are more and more open to this style of employment.

3. Consolidate your trips
For example, you could go to Target and then pick up the movie at Blockbuster in a single trip. Or, if you’re brave, try grocery shopping once every 2 weeks instead of once every 1 week.

4. Shop online.
If possible, try to transition most of your shopping online. Not only do you save gas, but you can often get good deals at cheaper prices.

5. Eat-out closer to home.
This may sound obvious, but there are any good eateries within walking distance, not only will you be helping a local business, but you will be getting exercise and saving gas at the same time.

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Buy a bicycle and a scooter.

My motorcycle gets 45-60MPG, my scooter gets 70-85MPG,and my bicycle well… however much pizza I eat.

If I need a car I use Zipcar or take a cab.

I also take the bus or train quite often.

My point is, there are better ways to save money on gas than stubbornly insisting to keep driving your car.