8 Over the Top Mother's Day Gifts

by Michelle

At a loss over what to get Mom for Mother’s Day? Had enough of the same old flowers or earrings? Here’s a few Mother’s Day suggestions for the Mom who has everything….and trust me, she’s worth it.







1. Give mom the gift of good oral hygiene with the $1750 water fountain toothbrush. Well, the prototype is $1750, eventually this puppy’ll cost $3 – which makes one wonder why one wouldn’t want to wait until the cheaper model comes out? Why so special? Because the toothbrush directs water into your mouth for rinsing.

over the top computer mouse









2. Is Mom into a little social networking or computer gaming? Then she’ll surely want this 18K White Gold computer mouse. Retailing for a mere $24,180, this mouse contains 59 brilliant cut diamonds personalized in the pattern of your choice.

Fendi bag







3. Sparkly mice not your thing? Maybe Mom is more about accessories and this one doesn’t disappoint. How about a $20,000 Hermes Birken Bagi It looks like an ordinary bag for sure, but the Hermes people pretend they’re very hard to obtain so all the bored rich people have to have one.







4. Won’t Mom enjoy tooling around town in this the Porsche Speedster replica covered with Swaorvsky  crystals? She’ll be the envy of the early bird buffet crowd when she pulls up in this puppy.










5. Perhaps Mom is a fan of the fragrance?  If so, you”ll just have to buy her a bottle of this $230,000 perfume.  The perfume, 500ml of Clive Christian’s No.1 Imperial Majesty perfume, comes in a bottle featuring a 5 Carat diamond and a solid gold collar.

Amour Amour Dog Collar








6. If mom truly does have everything, why not buy a present for her favorite pet? This Amour Amour dog collar contains 1600 hand set diamonds including a 7 carat diamond centerpiece can be bought for a mere $1.8 mil.


Swavorski Crystal Bra









7. At $250 this Swavorski Crystal bra is a more affordable option. How special will mom feel wearing this on Bingo night?

diamon cell phone









8. Keep in touch with my by giving her this diamond encrusted cell phone. Choose from white or yellow gold or platinum. But hurry, these $88,000 beauties are made to order.