10 Truly Ugly Homes

by Michelle


Ever drive by a house and wonder what possessed the homeowner to purchase such an ugly house? Even worse, wonder who would use that bright pink or green paint and think it added curb appeal? Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out this gallery of truly ugly homes.


Check out this McMansion located in a Texas suburb.

Ugly houses







Most new homes have many angled gables, this architect clearly wanted to go for something different with the round look.

When your choosing exterior paint, what colors come to mind:

Ugly green and yellow house







I’m thinking yellow and green wouldn’t be my first choice.

Here’s another home owner who wished to have his house stand out:

Ugly orange and blue house






Maybe he wanted to win one of those ugly house contests?

I’m not sure what’s going on here…

Ugly blue house









Only that this house in Vietnam is one tall, skinny butt ugly blue house.

And I’m really not sure what to say about this one….

Ugly yellow and red







…except that its uglyness speaks for itself.

This house in Minnesota looks like it’s going every which way doesn’t it?

Ugly green house







And they’re all pointing up. Lots of angles going on there.

What would you call this color?

Ugly brownish house







Tan? Brown? I’m really at a loss for words here.

This McMansion is Queens, NY was squeezed on a regular sized lot between two smaller homes.

Queens McMansion







It’s a stunner, isn’t it?

Here’s another Queens McMansion.

Queens McMansion2







What it lacks in style and substance it makes up for in size. And really that’s all that matters,isn’t it?

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Worst post I’ve seen today. Some of those houses are fine — their color schemes were probably chosen 20-40 years ago. Most of them are just unique, not “truly ugly” as your post implies. It’s almost as if you’ve never left your hometown and have never seen architecture from other cultures. These are nothing!