10 Surprising Facts About Millionaires

by Bob

Most of us when we think of the wealthy can only really base our beliefs on hearsay and urban legends. Unfortunately most of what we hear comes from the highly trustworthy source of our non-rich friends.

SmartMoney have a round up of 10 surprising millionaire facts:

  1. They still compete with their peers, but their neighbors have more buying power
  2. Money does buy happiness
  3. We buy, they rent
  4. You don’t need to be book-smart, more street-smart
  5. Taxes are paid, but maybe not the way the middle classes do
  6. Millionaires might be bears at work, but they are teddy bears at home
  7. You won’t find them booking their own reservations
  8. Rich people have debts too
  9. Even the most wealthy still like a bargain
  10. It doesn’t matter how loaded you are, you can still want more

See the full article over here.

Over the years I have spent time with quite a few millionaires as a consultant to businesses large and small, I can tell you that what they write is closer to the truth than that guy spouting nonsense from the local bar corner. Still, sometimes I guess it’s more comforting for some people to believe money does not bring happiness and all debt will put you in the poor house!