10 of The World's Most Expensive Items

by Michelle

People with money to burn can spend their money on some pretty silly things. Does a $2,000 bathtub work the same as a $54,000 bathtub? Would you buy a $75,000 French fry if it was shaped like a former President? What would you spend your millions on?

Here’s a look at some more of the world’s most expensive items.

1. Archeo Copper Bathtub









From Kohler’s Kallisa line, the Archeo Copper Bathtub will run you about $54,925. That’s a helluva soak. I could relax in there with a good book.

2. The Neorest Toilet








Made by Japan’s largest toilet maker, the Neorest toilet cost about $5,000. And really, given how much time we spend in the john, shouldn’t that be the best seat in the house?

3. Cor Soap

Cor Soap






Cor Soap by plank is the most expensive bar of soap you’ll ever use. At $428 per pound and $115 per bar, it better work miracles.

4. The Thousand Dollar Bagel








At $1,000 it better be damn good. The bagel at the Westin Hotel in New York city is topped with white truffle cream cheese and Reisling jelly infused with goji berries and golden leaves.

5. The Sveid Corkscrew








At $71,000 I hope this corkscrew is going to pour and serve the wine too. The Svied Corkscrew is made up 51 pieces of aviation titanium and cast in your choice of yellow or white gold.

6. Henry IV Dudignon Heritage Cognac








The Dudignon family has been making cognac for centuries and produce the most expensive cognac in the world. To make it even more over the top, they’re containing this particular brand of cognac in a bottle encrusted with 6,500 brilliant cut diamonds. How much will it run you? $2 million!

7. Fund.com






How much would you pay for a domain name? It depends on how badly you want it.  Just this past March Meade Technologies bought Fund.com for $9,999,950 cash. They changed their name to reflect their million dollar domain.

8. The Illinois Cornflake










I have to start checking my cereal more often. This cornflake, in the shape of the state of Illinois, was sold to TriviaMania.com for $135.00.

9. The Lincoln French Fry

French Fry







And while you’re dumping those cereal boxes, check your french fry bags too. This french fry, supposedly in the shape of President Lincoln sold for $75,000.

10. The $25,000 Gameboy










Don’t let the kids see this. A Gameboy made of 18K gold and peppered with diamonds. Why?

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